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Awarded by H.E.H NIZAM

Authentic taste as good as century later

Started than 100 years ago, Hameedi Confectionaries is one of oldest and most popular sweet shops in Hyderabad. The store has been dishing out some of the most luscious dessert options in town for years now. Hameedi was also the Nizam’s favourite! In fact he loved the Jouzi Halwa at Hameedi so much that he named the store after the last Turkish king and that’s how Hameedi Confectionaries got its name.


about us

100 years ago, a sweet shop was setup by a young boy, Mohammed Hussain in a remote location in Hyderabad and this is claimed to be the first in the city, to serve a variety of confectioneries and desserts. Soon, word reached the Nizam and he tasted the sweets at the shop itself. It did not take him long to choose the Jouzi Halwa as his favorite and in merriment he announced the shop to be named of Turkish last king, Hameedi thus came to be known as Hameedi Confectioners.

Awards From NIZAM

It is said that awards bolster your confidence in wonderful ways. While theses awards have make us really proud and happy, it is the love we get from all our customers that keeps us going.

Our Specialities

While all our sweets are made with handpicked ingredients and special recipes that have been passed down for generations, here are some sweets that we highly recommend you try.  

what make us different ?

Experience of over a 100 years.

100 years is a long time!
100 years of experience gives us an edge over others as we understand customers like no one else does. It has helped us learn and serve you better

Quality comes first.

At Hameedi, quality comes before everything else. It is our quality and taste that keeps our clients coming back for years.

100% Authentic, 100% Hyderabadi.

All our products are made with handpicked ingredients and traditional recipes that have been passed down for generation making Hameedi one of the most popular sweet shops in Hyderabad.

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Indian Express

There are many things that are old and dated in Hyderabad. But do you know that the city is also home to a 101-year-old sweet shop? Hameedi Confectionary, located in the busy streets of Mozamjahi market, is as authentic as it gets. Started by Mohammed Hussain when he was just a wee lad of 15 years, the shop shares its Turkish flavour with the Turkish lineage of its owner. For Hussain, starting the shop was his way of venturing into a business, informs Mazhar, Hussain’s grand son who now takes care of the shop.

The Hindu

A halwa with a spice is nice. It’s even better if the story behind it dates back to the Nizam Mohammed Hussain, a Turkish young boy of 15 decided to start his business and set up a sweet shop in Hyderabad. It was sometime in the early nineteenth century, then, this shop was also the first in the city during the rule of the Nizam, as claims go. The sweet shop sold everything Turkish, one of them happened to be the Jauzi Halwa. Being the only sweet shop to offer this, word spread fast and soon, the then Nizam (last Nizam) himself tasted the sweets in the shop